General Overview

gIMM supports automotive production processes

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T-Systems Office
T-Systems Office

gIMM (global Integrated Manufacturing Manager) is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers. Supporting logistics and production processes, gIMM is now leveraged by companies worldwide due to its unique benefits to the customer.

What is a global Integrated Manufacturing Manager (gIMM)?

Manufacturing Execution Systems are IT-based solutions that manage manufacturing operations in factories. Within the MES market, gIMM focuses on the automotive industry supporting manufacturing, assembly and logistics operations. The product has three main functionalities:

  • LINCS synchronizes processes between car makers and their first-tier suppliers (just-in-time and just-in-sequence)


  • PROCS ensures production traceability and conformity, also applying error-proof (poka-yoke) methodologies to production activities (i.e. assembly)


  • STOCS is a warehouse system that integrates material management with the customer’s supply chain



The technologies pick-to-light (P2L) and pick-by-voice (PBV) support error-proof selection processes by telling operators where they have to pick (or put) materials from a warehouse based on specific details of a work or preparation order. Operators can also use a tablet PC or ring scanner to check if the materials chosen correspond to the order details.

What are the benefits of the solution?

gIMM has several outstanding benefits that have won clients. gIMM’s customers range from large multinational corporations to medium-sized companies, mostly in the automotive supplier Tier-1 sector. Key business benefits include:

  • Less inventory. Reduce stocks by producing only what is needed.
  • Scrap reduction. Analyze the process and prevent defects before they happen.
  • Less re-work. More automation means producing at higher standards, with less effort.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to better process control, enabling greater insights into machinery statistical information.
  • Improved quality thanks to production and set-up standardization.
  • Worldwide delivery team, with extensive experience of the product and business processes and high quality, multi-lingual 24×7 support service.


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