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T-Systems Office
T-Systems Office

gIMM is a modular solution that integrates the whole logistic and productive activities of the Automotive Supply Chain.

gIMM LINCS controls and ensures the right link between Car Original Equipment Manufacturers and their suppliers, being productive plants or logistic operators.



It enables Synchronization Management for companies that are tightly integrated with their customer’s plants, ensuring delivery of goods Just-In-Time, Just-In-Sequence or in Kanban (in batches).

Main Processes

  • Data transcoding process of received messages
    • Direct material recognition to deliver to internal references.
    • Material recognition to deliver via BOM structure matching.
  • Container management process.
    • Container filling and consecutiveness control.
    • Item and container sequence checking. Shipping Control System (SCS).

Branch Processes

  • JIT Reception Process
  • Standard EDI message formats (EDIFACT, VDA, XML, ODETTE, TXT, …)
  • Production follow-up
  • HighRunner/LowRunner process
  • Container Process
  • Cargo Management process
  • Shipping quality process
  • Shop floor Monitoring and alerting process
  • Degraded mode operation process
  • JIT Warehouse process