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T-Systems Office
T-Systems Office

gIMM is a modular solution that integrates the whole logistic and productive activities of the Automotive Supply Chain.

gIMM PROCS controls production or assembly processes and traces manufacturing parameters. Provides flexible communication with hardware devices to manage production processes and ensure their quality.


Main Processes

  • Management of assembly and production lines process.
  • Traceability of the produced items processes
    • Focus on traceability of safety and process parameters at the component level.
  • Poka-Yoke technique production process.
    • Ensure the quality of finished goods.

Branch Processes

  • Interfacing with ERP process.
  • Sequential Control of operations process.
  • PLC data capturing process.
  • Declaration of reworks and scraps process.
  • Packaging of components process.
  • Virtual Device Server.
  • Pick to Light Processes.
  • Long Term information storage (several years Traceability reports).