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gIMM is a modular solution that integrates the whole logistic and productive activities of the Automotive Supply Chain.

gIMM STOCS is a Warehouse Management Systems and provides the necessary processes to manage the stock in the plant, to achieve the highest efficiency levels in stock management and warehouse usage.



Main Processes

  • Optimized data entry using keyboard / barcode scanner in all operations.
    • Use of customizable barcode prefixes to validate data readings.
    • Possibility to use supplier’s label in the warehouse – No need to label at reception.
    • Possibility to define customer-specific warehouse labels.
    • Online operations via PDT – No need to display variable data on the label.
      • Real-time control and location of the quantity and state of the stock
  • Incoming transit management.
  • Reception of single bins, mono-reference pallets, multi-reference pallets.
  • Multi-plant & Multi-warehouse layout.
  • Mobile Zones available to track the stock in transit within the warehouse.
  • Automatic relocation orders
  • Warehouse operations
  • Stock states
  • Automatic stock allocation based on standard/customizable rules.
  • Stock allocation is done at the single item level.
  • Automatic stock reserve/blocking.
  • Packages loaded in a transport are still stock in the warehouse.
  • Optimized loading of packages in a transport.
  • Shipped transports may be traced via Passing-Points.
  • Basic material needs management based on customers’ demand and existing stock.
  • Internal traceability.
  • External traceability.