Industrial applications

T-Systems Office
T-Systems Office
T-Systems Office

Designed to aid assembly workers and pickers to select the correct component to assembly or to pick on each moment in the production process.

P2L – Pick/Put  to Light

Signaling by lighting locations. The system allows:

  • Several operators.
  • Division of circuits per zone.
  • Registry errors.
  • Zone Control of the position of the operator through WIFI antenna.




Pick to Light



  • Improve response times. Quick location of parts by lights and indicators of quantity.
  • Easiness. No prior knowledge is required of the environment, less learning curve.
  • Quality. Errors and waste are eliminated
  • Versatility. The system adapts to the layout of the plant.
  • Monitorization. Online information of the operators movements, graphic interface to continuously inform the situation and possible incidents.
  • Traceability. Recording of all the operations.
  • Scalability. Several operators working synchronously, synergies unifying tours.
  • Connectivity. JIS systems synchronization, export data to external systems, read order to work on from external system.




Pick To Light system