What is gIMM?

gIMM (global Integrated Manufacturing Manager) is T-Systems Iberia’s MES solution created to synchronize Automotive Supply Chains (Car Manufacturer and Suppliers) giving a specific answer  for Just in Time, Just in Sequence, Traceability, Production Control and  Warehouse Management.

gIMM was first developed in 1998 originally as a custom-made solution but then quickly evolved into a solid standard solution, specially applicable for the Automotive Supply Chain. Currently it is deployed in more than 26 countries, 31 brands, 58 suppliers, and 441 production lines.

Nowadays gIMM is a powerful and versatile solution.

gIMM quick test:

  • We are an OEM or Tier-n-supplier (including logistic operator)
  • Need international coverage
  • Require high auto industry expertise (Technical & Business)
  • Demand critical-mission, 24×7 support
  • Expects a configurable, auto-industry focused product, even with the flexibility to adapt the standard software to my corporate needs

If those are your specific needs, then gIMM can offer you a unique proposition.